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About Us

What is Puddlt?

This is a question I get asked all the time. It’s a very Northern (Northern England) term which can also be spelled “Puddled”. Originally, coming from Wigan we pronounce it “Pudd-lt”, anyone who is from the Lancastrian parts of England may recognise the term pretty quickly otherwise most folk are confused by it or mis-pronounce it “puddit”.

Puddlt can mean someone or something which can be easily muddled or confused. When thinking of a brand name I sat with my family in front of the TV trying to decide what name we could use, to which I shouted out “I’m bloomin’ puddlt me tryin’ think of a name fo’ this company”. I of course, thought this was apt, I was recovering from mental health problems, easily muddled and the name stuck. It’s probably not the most conventional way of building a brand or a name, but as the company has evolved the name has become more apt.

Puddlt help various kinds of influencers, each creating their content in their own style so I guess you could say that our business… it’s a little Puddlt, but that’s just how we like it.

Why was Puddlt born?

Puddlt was born was out of lockdown, with a passion to help others and having suffered with my own mental ill-health, I decided that I would love to give back to those that have helped me. Mental ill-health has been common not only within my household but I have family and friends who have also suffered at the hand of anxiety, depression and in some cases suicide and suicidal attempts. We take mental health seriously and believe that anyone we can support we will. Therefore we make donations from the profits of all sales every 6 months to selected charities. You can find out who we have donated to on our "Charity Donations" page.

How does Puddlt work?

Puddlt collaborates closely with content creators and influencers to help them connect with their fans to help support their channel. Fans can support influencers by purchasing merchandise from the Puddlt website, each sale then generates a royalty for the creator and donates to charity at the same time.

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